• Christmas

    Be inspired to create handmade decorations and gifts to cherish for the festive season with our range of christmas craft books. 

  • Craft Guides

    Guides to the best haberdshery shops in London

  • Crochet

    Take a look at the wealth of clothing, accessories, toys and adornments that can be created with the a hook and yarn. 

  • Felting

    Discover the variety of felted objects and artworks that can be created through wet and needle felting. A fantastic craft for lovers of vibrant colour and fibre craft.

  • Knitting

    Here you'll find a knitting project suitable for a range of skills and styles. For new knitters there is plenty for beginners plus fantastic projects for those with more experience.

  • Quilting

    Indulge in the beauty of patchwork and quilting, find out how fabrics are pieced together and how to apply quilting stitches in this range of books. 

  • Sewing

    From dressmaking to embroidery, learn how to sew your own wardrobe and make beautiful gifts with our range of sewing titles. 

  • Stitching

    Create attractive embroidery designs and apply to a variety of sewing projects with these appealing design books.